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Resources For Parents


LAN Party Services for Hire

Controller Chaos - Brisbane, Queensland
Extreme Gaming - Newcastle, New South Wales
Game Truck Australia - Adelaide, South Australia
Game Vault - Perth, Western Australia
Games 2 U - Sydney, New South Wales
Mobile Video Games - Newcastle, New South Wales
Ultimate Games - Brisbane, Melbourne

LAN Party Hire Outlets

LAN Party Hire - Perth

Game Equipment Retailer

Gamer Gear Australia - Online

Military LAN Groups

EDN PC Gaming Club - (Edinburgh RAAF Base, South Australia)

Gaming Leagues / eSports Organisations

4 Seasons Gaming (virus detected on website) - QuakeLive
ACL Pro (Australia Cyber League) - Call of Duty: Ghosts, League of Legends, Starcraft II
AEL (Australian eSports League) - Dota 2, League of Legends, CounterStrike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone
Defense of the Australians - Defense of the Ancients
Doesplay - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, CounterStrike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone
Friqtion.net - CounterStrike: Global Offensive
Oceanic eSports - League of Legends, Starcraft II (in bars)
ozfortress - Team Fortress 2
OzHadou - Fighting games
Perth Competitive Gaming League - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, CounterStrike: Global Offensive, League of Legends
Silicon Sports - Defense of the Ancients, Starcraft II (in bars)

Gaming Conventions / Exhibitions

EB Expo - Sydney, New South Wales
Freeplay - (Independant Games Festival) - Melbourne, Victoria
Gamefest - Wollongong, New South Wales
GX Australia - Sydney, New South Wales
IRL Digital Festival | Brisbane Powerhouse - Brisbane, Queensland
Melbourne eSports Open - Melbourne, Victoria
PAX (Penny Arcade X) Australia - Melbourne, Victoria
Perth Games Festival - Perth, Western Australia

Entertainment Conventions (with gaming)

AICon (Anime-Island Convention) - Hobart, Tasmania
AVCon (Anime Video Convention) - Adelaide, South Australia
Evolve Pop Culture Fair - Perth, Western Australia
GAMMA.CON - Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
GeeCon - Darwin, Northern Territory
Gen Con Australia - Brisbane, Queensland
Haven - Makay, Queensland
Hybrid World Adelaide - Adelaide, South Australia
Melbourne Anime Festival - Melbourne, Victoria
Smash (Sydney Manga and Anime Show) - Sydney, New South Wales
Supanova Pop Culture Expo - Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
Tropicon - Cairns, Queensland
WAI-CON - Perth, Western Australia

Entertainment Events (with gaming)

Neko Nation - Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney

Games TV Stations / Channels

New Game Plus TV

Gaming Associations

AESA (Australian Esports Association)
GDAA (Game Developers Association of Australia)
igea (Interactive Games and Entertainment Association)
Let's Make Games - Perth, Western Australia

Gaming Conferences

GCAP (Game Connect Asia Pacific) - Melbourne

Game Development Communities

PIGMI (Perth Independent Game Maker's Initiative) - Perth

Game Development Competitions

Australian STEM Video Game Challenge (Primary School and High School students only)

Game Development Facilities

Level One - Perth

Game Development Funds

Funding for Games | Film Victoria - Victoria
OOMPF! | Perth Film, Television and Games Industry - Western Australia

Game Development Events

Game Jam Sydney - Sydney
Jamadelaide - Adelaide
Playup Perth - Perth

Game Development Institutions

AiE (Academy of Interactive Entertainment) - Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney campuses

Game Development Utilities


LAN News Articles

Industrial-strength gamer networks - Adam Turner, SMH, 15th of October 2002 - AusGamers, Shafted
Sydney’s Biggest Gaming LAN Finds New Home - Tracey Lien, Kotaku, 3rd of September 2009 - SGL
Gamers set for epic multiplayer challenge - Tina Liptai, The Standard - LAN Of The Damned
7 Tools You Need To Survive A LAN Party - Adrian Covert, Gizmodo, 16th of September 2011
Frag Reel Friday: LAN parties - Alex Walker, ABC, 27th of January 2012 - SGL, Respawn
Gamers re-boot up for life in the fast LAN - Corey Sinclair, Centralian Advocate, 4th of October, 2013 - ThunderLAN, DEF421, GWAR, Eagle Training LAN
LAN party: social video gaming in Bunbury - Sharon Kennedy, ABC South West WA, 26th of November 2014 - Avalanche
LAN parties live on - How the Internet hasn't killed them off, yet - Chris Smith, Tweaktown, 10th of January 2015 - GGF
I Love LANs, I Hate LANs, I Love LANs - Alex Walker, Kotaku, 24th of February 2016 - ACL, SGL


Gaming Associations

IESF (International e-Sport Federation)
IGDA (International Game Developer's Association)

Game Development Events